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Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's A Rhyming Unit WIthout Some Dr. Seuss?

... Not much of a rhyming unit at all, if you ask me! So we finished out the month with There's A Wocket in My Pocket. Again, and easy reader, but one of my favorite read alouds! Seriously! I think I like this one even more than Put Me In the Zoo. The silly words are so much fun (for me), and they draw each and every student in like magic.

My favorite part about reading this one is when I get to stop and ask the students very seriously if they've ever had a "yink in their sink," or a "nooth grush on their tooth brush." You would be amazed how many of them have!

I never know what to expect with each group when we get to the "vug under the rug." I like to lower my voice to a kind of spooky whisper when I read this page. They love it! And they assume I know what that vug under the rug looks like (it remains concealed in the illustrations), like I've got some in with Dr. Seuss and he let me take a peek at it.

You can tell Christmas is in full swing when one of my students insisted that the vug under the rug really was just Santa. She wouldn't let it go.

We had to make some silly creatures of our own to take home! We got to mix and match heads, legs, and bodies of our choosing to make 'em. How fun! They were each unique. One of my students chose to make his creature entirely out of feet pieces!

I let the students come up with rhyming names for their creatures too. That was a little tricky... they came up with some interesting names and rhymes...

Here are some photos:

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