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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Froggy Party!

November is rhyming month! And working on rhyming skills with the students is always fun for me! And I hope it's as fun for my students as well. I would say we're off to a good start with this week's lesson! Lots of rhyming, and lots of fun!

We read A Frog In A Bog (Karma Wilson). It's a rhyming story and a counting story (as one of my students so keenly pointed out). A frog eats lots of bugs and grows bigger and bigger and bigger. It reminds me of There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly, only instead of the frog dying at the end, he spits out all the bugs and escapes getting eaten by an alligator. Yesss!

We made froggies to help us remember this rhyming lesson, and the students LOVED them! I heard they were talking about them well after they returned to their regular classrooms.

I'm sorry I've been forgetting to bring my camera to class with me lately. I had to sub a photo I took at home after the lesson. :( From looking at the photo you can see the fun "tongue" each frog got. And on the end of the tongue? There was a fly, of course (plastic)!

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