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Thursday, November 12, 2009

My poets that Didn't Know it!

The rhyming continues, and my kiddos are getting better at it. Or perhaps just a little more comfortable with it and willing to participate more in our rhyming discussions and activities? Either way, we had fun, full lessons yesterday! And when I say full, I mean we ran like 15 minutes over with each group time. A good problem to have, right? They didn't miss lunch time so it was all good.

We read Put Me In the Zoo (Robert Lopshire). There's not much to this story. It's a limited vocab book, but I love reading it aloud. My students always love it. It doesn't hurt that I bring my plush "Spot the Leopard" along with me when I read this one. Should I be offended that my students have WAY more to say to this plush animal than they seem to have to say to me? Ha!

All my kiddos helped brainstorm great word families that we wrote on Spot's spots. Oh wait, I didn't mention that we made our own Spot the Leopards yet, did I? Well, we did! And here's how some of them looked:

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