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Thursday, January 26, 2012

New School! New Fun!

One of my lovely students recently moved to a new school, and her sweet mother was such a fan of Literacy Launchpad that she wanted Literacy Launchpad to tag along with them on their move. I felt so honored by this high compliment and was grateful for the opportunity to spread the reading love to more children.

I'm not sure I've ever felt so welcomed at a new school! I feel it's a strong testament to a school that so values the education of their students that they make an enthusiastic effort to bring in a program like Literacy Launchpad. Most schools are not as easy to work with as this wonderful new home Literacy Launchpad finds itself in. I am having such a good time there already. Check it out!

We've been reading wintery tales this month. Here are a couple photos from our The Hat (Jan Brett) lesson. We decorated "woolens" to hang on our own clothesline. Then we made some silly animal puppets to use to retell the story. Everybody's animal got a turn to snatch a woolen from the clothesline and wear it as a hat!

We also read The First Day of Winter (Denise Fleming), and as we talked about predicting, we played a fun game to give us some practice. The students took turns feeling hidden snowman adornments and made predictions of what they thought each item might be. It was hard not to peek, but they did great! And we took turns trying on the various items. It was hysterical. The kids could have played this all day!

We also read Owl Moon (Jane Yolen), and had a very fun time going "owling" in class. The kids kept wanting to "do it again!" But my photos from that lesson aren't handy at the moment.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why There's Nothing Quite Like A Book