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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Days

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for about a week waiting to be posted because I couldn't get these stinkin' photos off my phone. Here they are though, and here's the post... finally.

Believe it or not we are about to have our ninth snow day here in our county of middle Tennessee. Ridiculous.

Today there was barely any snow and it was FREEZING outside. I wouldn't let my boys play outside because of it being so cold and the fact that they both seem to be teetering on the edge of possibly getting sick (one's been coughing, one's nose has been running all day).

I compromised with them by bringing the snow inside. I did that literally, and then I also mixed up some SnowWonder for them to play in.

Now my older boy (and my girl) aren't ever eager to be read to. But while the boys were playing with the snow, I went and got some snowy stories off the bookshelf. Mel was actually protesting my reading aloud, but once he saw that we could read and play, he was digging it.

I had them try out some of the things Peter (from The Snowy Day) did in the snow. Mel really liked that. He even tried making snow angels with his fingers. Later he got out some of his toy cars and drove them around in his bucket of snow. "Look, Mommy! Like in the book!" he said.

After I finished reading The Snowy Day, the story he had protested, he grabbed All You Need for A Snowman and asked me to read that one too! Both boys listened attentively while they continued playing in the snow. They asked questions, answered mine, and made plenty of comments.

I was happy to see one of my reluctant readers enjoying some reading. It warmed my heart on this cold, cold snow day.