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Monday, November 2, 2009

20 Sites and Tools to Encourage Lifelong Reading (Guest Post)

Invoking a lifelong love of reading in the children in your life can be difficult but it is very important. Fortunately, the Internet provides a number of sites and tools that can help you encourage and inspire any child to be a lifelong reader. Here is a list of 20 sites to explore:

Reading Rockets - The Reading Rockets site offers tools and resources that can be used to encourage and teach children to read. Throughout this site, you will find information about reading instruction, classroom strategies, help for struggling readers, children's books and authors, videos, and podcasts.

ReadWriteThink - ReadWriteThink features a large collection of tools that teachers and parents can use with students to support strong reading and writing skills. These tools can be integrated into any K-12 lesson plan to build strong lifelong readers and writers.

Reading Is Fundamental - Within the pages of this site, visitors are provided with tips, tricks, ideas, and resources for motivating kids to read, choosing books, reading aloud, and much more.

The Stacks - The Stacks, a beta site provided by Scholastic, features books, authors, games, videos, and a blog for encouraging children to read as they get older. This site offers a wide selection of books for all ages, book clubs, a reading community, and more.

Highlights Teachers - For over 60 years, Highlights has been offering tools and resources to teachers for encouraging improved and lifelong reading in students. The Highlights Teacher site provides teaching resources, lesson plans, reading suggestions, classroom resources, online games, and interactive resources for kids.

Education World - Education World, a huge education resource center, offers tools, tips, lesson plans, and many more resources that teachers can use in their language and literature classrooms. Most of the resources listed discuss ways to encourage and teach reading, lifelong literacy, help struggling readers, etc.

Book Hooks - The Book Hooks site is a good site for students to share their love of reading with others. The site works by having students create book reports on the books that they are currently reading. Book Hooks also provides resources, games, links, and news that students will find interesting.

Enlighten Me - Verizon Information Services provides Enlighten Me, an interactive literacy site that offers a collection of informative articles designed to build strong readers and writers. Enlighten Me also has information on kid's books and an area for students to write their own book reviews.

Absolute Whootie - Absolute Whootie provides online stories, folk tales, and children's plays that provide positive themes and encourage children to read. The stories within this site are illustrated by kids and include links to fun games.

Cool-Reads - Cool-Reads is a book site where hundreds of books are reviewed by 10-15 year olds. This is an excellent place for young readers to get book recommendations.

Stories from the Web - Stories from the Web offers online stories for children between the ages of 0 to 14. Within this site, children can read and write stories that are reviewed by others.

Literacy Connections - The Literacy Connections site offers a wealth of resources and tools that teachers can use to promote reading skills in children and adults. Through this site, teachers can find information on phonics, word study, children's literature, and language experience.

Kids' Review - Kids' Review features book reviews written by kids for kids. The site gives students a reason to write about literature and helps struggling readers.

KidsReads.com - KidsReads.com provides useful tips and resources that teachers and parents can use to find books that students of all reading levels will enjoy. The site also features reviews, author info, audio books, series recommendations, and more.

Book Adventure - Book Adventure is a motivational reading program for children in grades K-8. Through this program, children can create book lists of over 7,000 titles, take quizzes, and earn points for literary success.

Growing Readers for Life! - This blog works to provide tools, resources, tips, and articles that anyone can use to inspire a love of reading in young children. The site also features a free newsletter that visitors can sign up for.

Jen Robinson's Book Page - Jen Robinson's Book Page is a blog created by a lifetime lover of children's books. Through her blog, Jen provides reviews, articles, and resources designed to inspire lifetime reading in all children.

KIDLITOSPHERE - This blog is actually a society of bloggers looking to promote lifelong reading and literacy ideas through blogging on children's and young adult literature. The society offers dozens of resources for encouraging lifelong reading in students.

Book-Pop - This virtual literature site offers animated web adventures for beginning readers. Throughout the site, visitors will find animated stories that children can read themselves as well as stories that can be read to them.

Seussville - Seussville is an interactive site with Dr. Seuss books, games, printables, storymakers, and more.

Guest post from education writer Karen Schweitzer. Karen is the About.com Guide to Business School.

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