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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Hat - Lesson Reflection

The Hat, by Jan Brett, was a hit... as anticipated (See Tuesday's post for a review of the book). Here are some thoughts about yesterday's predicting lesson:
  •  My first group session was a little crazy. The students just got so excited during our activity we did during the read-aloud. They had a difficult time staying seated and staying quiet long enough for me to read each page. I mean, I love that they're so engrossed in the story and our activity, but I don't enjoy having to say, "On your bottom, please," over and over... and over.
  • I gave the students complete creative freedom with their "hats" and puppet. No regrets there.
  • Keeping the order during a unit on predicting proves to be quite tricky, because each child is eager to get their prediction out first as we go through each story. I hate to enforce strict rules about raising hands and what-not too much, because I want them to feel free to chime in and say what they're thinking, and I want it to be fun. But perhaps I need to put more focus on this?
  • Conversations between the puppets were a riot!
  • Yesterday we used some paper puppets to do predicting during The Hat. The students each couldn't wait for it to be their turn to predict with their animal puppet. After one student's turn had passed, he immediately said, "Can we read the story again?" I said, "We still are reading the story!" I love when they are so blantantly excited about our story and what we're doing. Motivating and Empowering readers?? Check!
  • The clothesline activity I came up with added the perfect element of fun, and helped with comprehension. I loved it. 
  • This lesson would be so much fun with even one child. Oh, the possibilities! I can't wait till Isaac is old enough to play around with these activities!

  • Yes, he purposely put the stocking over the hen's eyes.
Again, detailed instructions for this read-aloud and activities will be available soon!


Anonymous said...

I used to teach preschool and I remember how hard it was for the kids to be quiet and raise their hands. They would just get too excited about what they wanted to say.

Anonymous said...

Great images to go with your writing. Thanks!