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Monday, January 12, 2009

My Little Reader

So now that my teaching load has lightened up significantly due to motherhood, my number one student has become my son, Isaac. I try to make a point to read to him everyday, but I'll admit there are busy days that speed by with no reading (gasp)! This happened a lot during the first four months when were battling through colic and then reflux. Anybody that has experienced either of those can feel where I'm coming from, I'm sure. But those days of missed readings are few and far between now that he's getting older, and appreciates his books more and more.

When he was only a few months old, I was most successful with my readings if I propped him against a pillow and snuggled next to him. He really liked seeing my facial expressions as I read the story, and if I really immersed myself in making the appropriate faces and voices, I would often get a giggle out of him!

Now he likes to taste everything, and so it's often a struggle to read much of a story before it goes into the mouth and is covered in drool. Books that come from the library are not allowed in the mouth for a couple reasons: they're not ours, and germs, uh... gross! So that can make things tough sometimes too. All in all though, he seems to enjoy being read to. And he is an expert page-turner. I love showing off his page-turning skills to others!

Check out these photos of my little reader:

This is one of his favorite stories. We have the CD with the song on it too, and I often find myself playing it over and over and over again for him in the car. Ever seen the movie Big Daddy? Remember the "Kangaroo Song" in it? I fear we may be headed that direction with Snuggle Puppy. Yikes!

We started a tradition this year of giving him a Christmas book to open on Christmas Eve and read together. I think it will be neat for him to accumulate a collection of Christmas books as he grows up, one from each year of his life.

O.K. so this one's not exactly a photo of him reading a book. He's browsing some kind of an AV catalog with his daddy. It's... kind of reading. Ha!

Do you have a reading routine with your little one(s)?


Sarah at SmallWorld said...

Very awesome. So happy to see moms reading to their wee ones. I find it frustrating to read about waiting until the baby doesn't "eat" them book to read to them! So much good reading time is lost by age 2 or 3!

Do bring your little guy to Wilderness Week! It is an awesome experience for all ages, probably 3 and up.

Lori said...

those are great. I read with my little guys all the time. My oldest loves book and often picks them over other activities

Kathleen W. said...

What great photos! My son is 9 months old and reading to him is a challenge, not just in trying to remember to do it in the whirlwind of each day (like you wrote), but also because he just wants to grab and chew the books. He does get excited when I read them, and wants to grab at the pictures. I think this is fine, since he's at least happy when I pull out a book and engaged. Hopefully this connection to books will blossom into a different kind of love of them as he gets older. Honestly, one of my biggest fears for him is that he won't love reading as much as I do!

Joan Holub said...

Amy, these are adorable! It's so cool to see really young ones reading and to hear that you try so hard to get reading in every day. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Your pics are lovely Amy. It's brilliant to hear of the time you spend reading with your little one. I am trying to do the same with our three month old and completely sympathise with how hard it is in the first few months of colic and very busy days to get a read in every day. We are counting rhymes and interactive singing sessions as important as reading at the moment so make sure we get at least one of these activities in each day. Enjoy!