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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ever Wanted to Write Your Own Children's Book?

Photo by bingbing

Come on, we've all dreamed about it... writing your own children's book! Well, I've at least dreamed about it. A lot. The idea is very intimidating though. Plus, the ins and outs of the world of children's book publishing seems complex, and is something I know zip about.

Well, be intimidated no more! Simple Mom recently introduced five new columnists on her blog, and one of them is Maya Bisineer. Maya has started an online picture book bazar - Memetales. It is the coolest idea! She's genius! You'll have to go visit and check it out, because my description won't do it justice.

And after you've checked out Memetales, stop by the comments section here and let me know if you've ever dreamed of writing (or illustrating) a children's book. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy!

Thank you so much for writing about Memetales! My strong desire to write for children is what resulted in my startup.

I strongly believe that we all are storytellers- especially parents and people that spend a lot of time with kids ... I really do hope to fulfill my dream of enabling everyone that is inspired to write a children's book to actually do so - without getting tangled in the process of doing it!

I look forward to the stories that you will write to share with your adorable little Issac and the rest of the world!

Anonymous said...

Thamks for your write up on - Ever dreamed of writing a children's book.
Yes, I too have dreamed. I worked all my life in various sections of the printing industry, but always saw other authors work. I am now retired, and decided 'it is now or never' - I wanted a legacy for my grandchildren.
Well I did my research, and got to work. I have just had my first book of ten short stories for young readers published in the US.
I have made it, and it was an exciting journey.
Irene J Harvey

Amy @ Literacy Launchpad said...

Congratulations, Irene! I'm so glad to hear a lifelong desire of yours finally came to fruition. Better late than never, right? Thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

Yes, I've always wanted to write a children's book! I actually got the chance to do just that, in the sixth grade! We wrote our own stories, illustrated them, and then 'bound' our books using all kinds of different materials! It was a wonderful project, one I'll always remember! And yes, I still have the book! Maybe I should blog about it with pictures! :)