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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tall, Tall Grass!

What a week it was in Literacy Launchpad this week! The school where I teach had been closed Monday and Tuesday due to flooding. They finally were able to re-open on Wednesday, and boy, were those kids excited to be there! And excited to talk about the flooding! They told me all about it (like it was news to me)! :)

Class was a bit of a challenge, because there were fans and dehumidifiers running all over the school. There were three going in the classroom we were using. But no fear, I can read loudly! So we pulled through. I was just glad to see some things getting back to normal around here!

We read In the Tall, Tall Grass (Denise Fleming). Hearing about tall, tall grass was a welcome distraction to hearing all the tall, tall waters around here.

When I asked the students what kinds of things they have seen in their own grass, I got funny responses. "A strange dog," was what student told me. Hee. Gotta love these kids!

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