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Monday, May 3, 2010


I live in the Nashville area. And if you haven't heard yet, we're sitting under water! We got dumped with about 3 months worth of rain over TWO days! This is the worst flooding it seems anybody has ever heard of in our city's history. Luckily, my family and I (and our house) are dry and safe. We live in one of the suburbs that got off pretty easy in the grand scheme of things.

The rest of Nashville was not so lucky! This is like nothing I have ever witnessed. Many, many landmarks and historical sites are flooded; including the Grand Ole Opry, The Orpyland Hotel (has taken on at least 10 feet of water and rising!), The Schermerhorn Symphony Center, LP Field (where out TN Titans play), and much, much more. Lives and lively hoods have been lost. Families have lost everything when their homes went underwater, the majority of which probably have no flood insurance (This isn't something that comes standard on most home insurance policies unless you live in a "flood plain." Did you know? Might want to check into your own coverage!).

The devastation here is very real. Please keep Nashville in your prayers. We are not getting much coverage on national news. so I'm sharing some video here (and photos at the bottom from my neighborhood) of what we're dealing with. The videos are sad, but the last one has given all of us around here a little giggle in the midst of the heartbreak. Be informed, and then spread the word - Nashville is drowning!

The field that our walking trail winds through was a lake.

For a good chunk of the weekend we were stranded in our neighborhood due to severe flooding at the entrance. This is the only way in and out of our neighborhood. (Again, this was a minor inconvenience compared to what many others in the area have been dealing with.)

Our swingset looked like it might float away at one point.

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