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Monday, May 10, 2010

Change is A Comin'

I'm cutting back posts to once a week, as we get closer and closer to bringing our children home from Ethiopia.

It's a time thing. And it's also that my mind is so consumed with adoption stuff lately that I haven't had much brain power left for my literacy stuff. That will change once we settle into our "new normal."

I love my Literacy Launchpad. And I am sad that I haven't had the time to pour into it like I usually do. But this is what God has called me to for this little season of my life... to focus more on my kids and my family... And to stay sane! I'm doing my best to honor that. Thanks for understanding!

Can't wait to be sharing all kinds of ESL things I'm learning and experimenting with when our Ethiopian kids are home. I'm sure I will be learning all kinds of new literacy things that I'll be eager to share!

Anybody have any good ESL and/or homeschooling resources you can point me toward? This is a whole new world I'm getting ready to enter!

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