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Monday, May 25, 2009

Show Me Your Book Nook!

Here's one of ours!

O.K. Maybe it doesn't look like what you would imagine a book nook should look like, but it's a space in our house where we read, and therefore can be considered a "book nook." 

This particular book nook is in our bonus room. The bonus room is where my son, Isaac, spends much of his time playing. We keep a small heap of toys in this room for him, and amongst the toys are always at least a few books.

 Isaac likes to flip through his books while he plays... Or sometimes I read to him while he plays... Or, if he's in the right mood, he might just let me sit with him on my lap and read to him. Now that he's on the move though, the latter doesn't happen much. This is disappointing to me, but I know it's just a phase. 

Now that I've shown you one of our book nooks, now lets see yours! A book nook can be a place you read by yourself, a place you read with your child(ren), or simply a special place you keep your books! If you're anything like me, your book nooks are often changing. If that's the case, show us what's new in your book nook this month! 

Let's inspire one another to create space for books!! 

Mr. Linky doesn't seem to be working properly right now. Please post a comment with a link to your book nook for us to see!

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