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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Learning Something New

Nonfiction is the theme for this month, and we are discovering all that we can learn from books. Our focus with this unit is specifically on spring (and mostly gardening). This week we learned how to grow vegetable soup from Lois Ehlert's book Growing Vegetable Soup

A few fun notes:
  • While re-telling last week's "The Tortoise and the Hare" I had one student ask me, "How do you remember that story?" What a great question. When I finished the story, I gave a quick explanation of how I do storytelling without a book.

  • I love that my students took notice during our activities of how yummy the vegetables smelled, especially the green pepper. (O.K. those are really fruit, huh?)

  • Note to self: buy potting soil, not top soil next time. Top soil smells like poop! So gross!


Sandra said...

Great ideas! I have given you an award that is well deserved.
Here is the link:

Patti said...

Even though top soil smells funny, you might want to stick with it. Most potting soil has a "keep out of reach of children" statement. We did find a brand of organic potting soil that didn't have the warning, but it smelled like...top soil! You just can't win some days.