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Monday, May 18, 2009

Reading God's Word With Little Ones

As a children's literature and literacy enthusiast, I obviously love spending time reading with my son, Isaac (10 months). We read all kinds of books together. Right now, lift the flap and touch-and-feel books are his favorites. Anything by Matthew Van Fleet is sure to be a hit with Isaac! We also listen to audio books, read lots of board books that we borrow from the library, and Isaac usually enjoys the Books from Birth selections he receives in the mail each month. 

Of all the reading Isaac and I do together though, our time spent reading the Bible is definitely the most important. I love that Isaac can be gaining important literacy skills while also having God's Word wash over Him. Is there anything cooler? Nope.

Now, I don't sit down and read to Isaac from the King James Bible. Ha! This would be more than just a little frustrating for both of us. But Isaac does have a couple children's Bibles that were given to him as gifts. We read from these! You can see them pictured above. 

We've been reading from the smaller Bible in the photo, which contains just the right amount of words and pictures to keep Isaac's attention. It's pretty short so we've cycled through it quite a few times (Does this count as reading the Bible in a year? Hee!). That's O.K. though. Repetition is key for little ones. And Isaac now has favorite things he likes to point to and talk about (he points, I talk) in each illustration. 

Not sure exactly what to talk about with your child while reading them each story? No problem! Our Bible has questions included throughout each story as you read. Plus, there is also a prayer at the end of each "chapter" in his Bible. 

There are so many great children's Bibles out there to choose from. I encourage you to shop around for the right one for you and your child if you don't already have one. Ask friends (or your church's children's minister/pastor) for a recommendation. Take your child with you to help pick one out!

Isaac's and my Bible time right now is right before bed. I considering moving it to the morning though, so I can begin instilling the habit of morning quiet time with God in Isaac early. I think Bible stories over breakfast might be the way to go for the time being! What do you think? Do you have a special Bible/devotion time with your child? A favorite children's Bible you can recommend? What works for you? Please share!

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