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Friday, April 17, 2009

I HEART Children's Bookstores

I don't know how many children's bookstores are still out there... Does anybody? I'm guessing less than we would all hope, unfortunately.

We spent the weekend with my in-laws in Memphis and my mother-in-law and I were looking to kill some time Monday afternoon. There was a little used children's bookstore we used to frequent (I love a good deal), but my MIL told me it is now closed. No wait! I just looked it up, and I think she's mistaken. It's still open

Well anyhow, we thought it was closed and so I inquired as to whether or not there might be an independent children's bookstore in the area. She told me that she used to take my husband and his sister to a place called Pinnochio's when they were young. But she assumed it was now closed. 

She went and grabbed the phone book to look it up, and guess what? It's still open! (I told her she needs to have a little more faith in her local children's bookstores!)

So, of course, we headed out to Pinnochio's. (I'm sorry, they don't have a website, or I would link it.) This store has been open for 31 years, and it's the same women working there now that opened it! Sweet women, and so helpful. Shopping an independent bookstore is truly an experience. 

We were greeted the moment we walked in the door. We were asked if we needed help finding something, but we weren't pestered. It's a very small shop, located in an old house, so you don't have to go searching for someone to help you when you need it. The women in the shop let us browse all we wanted, and gently offered helpful info and suggestions from time to time. 

There were other shoppers in the store as well. One was a father, there with his children. The shop owners told him how happy it made them to see a dad taking interest in his children' reading. I heard them tell another customer that they wanted them to be excited about their purchase, so they would be excited to go home and read it with their child. I love these ladies!

These ladies knew their stuff, and had a great selection of quality books displayed. I spent a bit of money in there (more than I had planned to), and there was still so much more I wanted to buy! Another day... Another day...

So what did I purchase?

Next time you are in the market for a children's book, I encourage you to try to find an independent children's bookstore (unless you must buy it online... then buy it here). It'll cost more, but it's worth the money... for yourself, your children, and your community!!


Lynn said...

Please don't be too hard on me. The used bookstore has moved from its previous location (so they really weren't "there" anymore). I was pleasantly surprised as you know to discover that Pinocchio's was still open -- not just open, but thriving! Track records for small independent store fronts in Memphis has been less than overwhelming. So, it is great to know that these passionate folks are happily sharing their love of books and children's literature!!!

Annette said...

Thanks for opening my eyes...we tend to do Amazon to get the best deal, but I agree, that it'd be great to find a local children's bookstore, but I'm guessing there isn't one within 45 minutes of me...

Thank you!

katied said...

I love, love, love shopping at independent book stores. This looks great!