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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Goldilocks Lesson

Our fairy tale unit continues with Goldilocks and the Three Bears! This story was told using both storyboard pieces used with the traditional telling of the tale, and an alternative telling of the story by Brinton Turkle. 

Here's an idea for presenting fairy tales to your children/students: compare two versions of the same story. There are many interpretations out there (check your local library) of most fairy and folk tales. Pick similar interpretations, or vastly different versions of the same story. Let your students point out the similarities and differences. Make comparison charts. Have everyone vote on their favorite. 

I'm always surprised when I present two versions of the same story. I think I know which will be the favorite, but I'm often wrong. You just never know which interpretation will speak to each student, or group of students. It's different every time. 

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