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Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Adventures in Reading!

One of the main missions of Literacy Launchpad is to motivate children to read: to show them how fun reading is, and to create a desire in them to want to read more and more and more and... Well, you get the idea. 

Books that focus on adventure seem to be especially effective at creating reading motivation. Although it's pretty amazing how almost any picture book can become an adventure. Some may require you to search a little harder for the adventure aspect. And some require a little more creativity in bringing the adventure to life. But it usually can be done. (And I'm here to help if you need it, just give me a shout.)

Take a look (in the photos below) at how much fun my kiddos are having with Kate and Jim McMullan's book I'm Bad! Let me tall ya, as soon as they saw the T Rex on the cover, these kids were sold on this book. Some were telling me that they liked it better than last week's story before we even read it. What?! I didn't know a dinosaur on the cover would be quite that appealing, but evidently it is!

I need to change my pattern for these T Rex masks. They didn't end up looking as T Rex-y as I would have liked. Most of the kids didn't care (see photo above). Ideas for how to tweak them (or come up with something completely new) anyone? 

Thanks to some iTunes sounds and a little imagination, we were the fiercest T Rex's around! O.K. we were the only T Rex's around, but still...!

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