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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mommy Grace Giveaway!

O.K. So, perhaps this giveaway appears to be a bit off topic for this blog, but I'll tell you why I'm hosting it:
1. Parents need to be reading role models. So I'm putting a book suggestion out there for all you reading mommies!
2. I was petitioned by a publisher to do my first blogger book review, and I couldn't say "no!" (too exciting)
3. Five of you will win a copy of this great book!

So... I just finished this very refreshing read - Mommy Grace: Erasing Your Mommy Guilt. Boy, it sure did show up right when I needed to read it. Funny how things work out like that.

Mommy Grace is a faith-based book of encouragement for those of us mothers who feel like we're far from having it all together, who worry we might be messing our kids up with our not-so-perfect parenting, and who struggle with mommy guilt regularly. Is there a mom in America that doesn't feel like they fit this description?

The author of Mommy Grace, Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman, formatted this book so perfectly by keeping each section very brief and straightforward. It's perfect for a quick end-of-the-day pick me up before turning out the light, or to read during your morning quiet time (or any quiet time you may be lucky enough to get).

Each section focuses on a specific area or source of mommy guilt. Coleman draws you in with personal stories and anecdotes that are often griping. I caught myself both crying at times and laughing out loud at times as I read through Mommy Grace, and that rarely happens.

I enjoyed the scriptures included at the end of each section. They were well chosen (beautiful and very relevant to each topic). The scripture passages were always followed by a poetic prayer, which will be awesome to be able to go back to and pull out on days when I can't find the right prayer to utter on my own (Stormie Omartian's books are another great resource for this). 

Mommy Grace struck a chord with me. I underlined and dog-eared the heck out of my copy, and will be referring back to it often. 

One section especially resonated with me: "The 'Perfect Parent' Trap." This is a trap I fall into frequently. Reading the following paragraph was a bit of an "aha" moment for me:

pg. 38
So why do I keep trying to be perfect? Because I want to be loved. And somewhere I mistakenly bought into the lie that my imperfections could keep me from being loved. But in truth, this logic is backward, counterintuitive. I have since learned that I can show I care more by being fallible than I can by setting a standard so high that it intimidates others. Then all I have managed to build is a wall, a moat that holds those I love at arm's distance. Ironically, it is my foibles, my wide hips, my face that not only has wrinkles but zits, my dusty house - in short, all my imperfections that draw people closer to me.

Don't you love that?

Makes you want to read the whole book, doesn't it? Perfect! 'Cause you can win your own copy right here! Simply leave a comment sharing something that causes you a little (or a lot of) mommy guilt, and you'll be entered for a chance to win one of FIVE copies of Mommy Guilt I'm giving away. Subsequent entries can be gained by linking to this post on your blog or website; or by submitting it to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Stumbleupon. Each entry needs to be a separate comment (provide me with a link to verify your post please).

The deadline for entry is next Thursday. The winner will be announced next Friday. Only residents of the U.S. or Canada are eligible to win (P.O. boxes not eligible).  

Please link to your blog or email so I can contact you if you win. 

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Crystal Cathedral Ministries said...

Have you ever fallen into the "Perfect Parent Trap?" Share your thoughts with Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman, author of Mommy Grace.