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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hooked On Phonics

Though Literacy Launchpad breaks for the summer, my Hooked On Phonics lessons do not. I offer Hooked On Phonics lessons at one school, and I have about seven children that I work with each week.

I have only been using the Hooked On Phonics curriculum for about a year. I was hesitant to even begin offering it, but it seemed that there was interest among some parents. I encourage parents to enroll their children in both Literacy Launchpad and Hooked On Phonics, and not Hooked On Phonics alone. This is because I believe very strongly that children need to have fun with books, see the purposes of reading, and experience literature in meaningful ways in order to build a solid foundation for learning to read.

I guess this all goes back to the phonics vs. whole language debate... I really do see value in the Hooked On Phonics program. I wouldn't use it if I didn't. Granted, the lessons aren't a ton of fun for me (at least not compared to Literacy Launchpad lessons), but the children do seem to enjoy them, and they do learn a lot. I guess I just wish there was more depth to the curriculum.

What do you think? Anybody else familiar with the Hooked On Phonics curriculum?


Debbie said...

I am a member of a small school parent advisory council and we have been working on an project to make "Hooked on Phonics" available to kids that are having reading difficulties. In the two years I have been on the council we have had a number of parents approach us with concerns about reading in their elementary age kids, and we think that purchasing a couple of programs and making the units available for checkout through the school library would give parents a chance to try this program with their chidren. We would welcome your suggestions or comments. Thanks

Unknown said...

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