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Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's NOT the process... and an Update

I'm sorry I haven't been real on the ball (AGAIN!) with posting lately. This adoption is just rocking our world. It's full of twists and turns and the unexpected. And frankly, even when I have the time to post on this blog, sometimes I just simply can't think about anything other than my kiddos in Ethiopia.

So onto your regularly scheduled programming... err, posting... :)

My Literacy Launchpad classes consist of stories and activities to promote literacy skills and reading motivation. The activities I plan for class are not designed to teach art skills or fine motor skills; sometimes these are a residual effect, but they're never my goal.

Also, my Literacy Launchpad classes are only 30 minutes long (we run long some weeks). My students do not have the time or the attention span to sit for long periods of time doing elaborate arts and crafts activities after sitting and listening to a story. And again, nor is that helpful in working my students toward my goals for them in Literacy Launchpad.

I tell you this because I have had to explain this to some of my students' parents in the past. I have received questioning for pre-cutting and/or pre-assembling some things for our class activities.

But in Literacy Launchpad, when it comes to our learning activities and projects, it's not about the process of making. It's about the process of playing!

It's not so much about this...

It's about this!

It's not about this...

It's about this.

I'm more concerned about them wearing their headbands... not how they make them.

If we spend all our time making stuff, then there's not time for this:

I still want my students to be part of the creative process when it comes to our activities, but it can't only be about that, or we miss the point entirely.

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