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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Once Upon A Time...

Our fairy tale unit has begun! We kicked it off with James Marshall's The Three Little Pigs. The end of this Marshall's version is a bit odd to me, but the kids seem to really be drawn in by it, so I've stuck with this version for a few years now.

After our reading and discussion, we put on a "play." And we of course, had to make "costumes." My, how easy it is to make preschoolers happy. I love that! They were thrilled to get to play the parts of the wolf and the pigs. They got to choose what character they wanted to be. Most of them wanted to be "the pig that made his house out of bricks." So I had to be creative in making our play work with a bunch of "actors" that all wanted to play the same part. But it worked out.

In this last photo, this student was acting out the part where the pig rolls down the hill in a butter churn... I told you then ending was a bit odd. I didn't suggest that the students act this part out. She came up with it on her own, and thought it was great fun!

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