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Monday, March 15, 2010

What My Little Reader Is Up To...

Lately Isaac has shown a great interest in writing, which is an important part of literacy (reading and writing go hand in hand). He is gaga for sticky pads! The smaller the piece of paper the better, it seems. He will sit for small chunks of time writing with pens and highlighters on his sticky pads. Actually, they're his daddy's stick pads. I need to re-stock daddy's office!

I think I'm going to check out writing supplies at the local craft or office supply store and see what I might be able to pick up to stock Isaac's Easter basket with. I know markers will definitely be in there. I bought him some toddler-type markers for Christmas and he's not diggin' them. He wants the real thing!

I'm going to look for some stencils, pencils, erasers, maybe some Scotch tape... I'm open to your suggestions too!

Then after I have the supplies, I need to figure out a writing area for him; a place he can sit down at whenever he wants to write and just be creative! Brainstorming ideas for where I should put his writing center, and what piece of furniture I should use for it.

I've pondered the idea of putting his writing supplies in in a basket or little caddy of some kind that I then keep on a low shelf that he can take out and use wherever he wants. This might be the best idea right now, since I don't really have a table his size to keep it all at yet.

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