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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Books vs. Spring

Started off our March unit a little rough this week. It's the first week in a long time that we've had GREAT weather around here, and Literacy Launchpad had a tough time competing with that.

Honestly, I have never had this problem in any of my previous years of Literacy Launchpad. I can usually just walk out onto the playground and my students (and others) come running to line up. But I've got one rowdy group of boys this year, and they have a tough time giving up 30 minutes of their playtime for reading... whether they're outside or inside.

What's funny though is that once they get to class, they have so much fun!

So next week I guess I need to plan Literacy Launchpad around playground time a little better than I did this week. :)

We read The Wind Blew (Pat Hutchins) and did some playful experiments with the "wind" (a fan) after reading our windy tale. We then discussed how the wind outside is usually much stronger than the little fan that I brought to class (we could only get the really light stuff to "blow" in the "wind"). Hee.

We created our own little windy storybook to take home with us as well. This was (what I thought was) a simple project, that ended up taking longer than I anticipated. They had a good time though. Check out the photos.

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