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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Book Chook and Literacy Lava to the Rescue!

Susan at The Book Chook heads up a AWESOME, FREE, online newsletter that's all about literacy! There are several other brilliant bloggers that contribute to Literacy Lava as well. I had the wonderful privilege of contributing to the first edition of Literacy Lava, and would have loved to be a part of this next edition as well, but adoption fundraising and paperwork has taken over my life, and unfortunately doesn't leave much time for fun stuff like Literacy Lava.

But Susan is so savvy to everything and everyone in the kidlitosphere that she knew the craziness in my life without me needing to explain it all to her. Love that lady! And she sent me the info about the latest Literacy Lava edition right in the knick of time: my son is sick with the flu, and I had nothing prepared to post today. No fear! Literacy Lava to the rescue!

So here's the official scoop!

Literacy Lava 2, Coming Soon!

Making literacy part of our everyday family life is often just a matter of remembering. We need to make sure our kids see that reading, writing, and communicating are important to us, and give them lots of opportunities to participate too.

Literacy Lava 2 is a free magazine that will bring you ideas: for motivating reluctant readers, for literacy on the go, for developing the imagination muscle, for linking math and literacy, for having a pirate party and a book picnic, for rhymes, games, activities and more!

Brought to you by bloggers and writers who are passionate about children's literature and literacy, Literacy Lava 2 is erupting with no- or low-cost activities parents can do with kids to promote literacy.

Coming September 1 to The Book Chook blog!

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