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Monday, July 13, 2009

How Do You Bedtime Story?

The Bedtime Story. A tradition that's been around forever right? Talked of in legends, fables, fairy tales... and Adam Sandler movies! (Have you seen Bedtime Stories? You should. It's so cute!) We all read and/or tell our children bedtime stories, I hope. But we don't all do it the same way. And we shouldn't. Our bedtime story routines are each suited to how many children we may have, their ages, their personality, their taste in literature, how much sugar they had to eat that day...

My son, Isaac, is only a year old, but our bedtime story routine has gone through several changes already. When Isaac was itty bitty he sat all swaddled in my arms while I read him sweet stories. He was this little blob that couldn't do much other than sit there, so he was content to let me read him story after story. Any kind of story. Any length. It was great. My favs at this time were Dr. Seuss. The long Dr. Seuss stories that dance off your tongue as you read them aloud (I especially love The Lorax). Ahh. I miss having a captive audience to read these to.

Then Isaac became more alert, attentive, and engaged during our bedtime stories. I couldn't read him long stories anymore, but he would sit and listen earnestly to short board books as we rocked back and forth in the wooden rocking chair next to his crib. He would even turn the pages when I prompted him. Isaac had his favorites, and he really seemed to cherish these bedtime stories together as much as I did.

Now, it's a totally different story. Isaac is all over the place, and not interested in slowing down. Ever. Especially to cuddle during a bedtime story. Bedtime story time now generally consists of me sitting on the floor, reading a story aloud while Isaac crawls around doing his own thing. He still has favorites that he will sometimes ask me to read (he picks them up and hands them to me, or points to them). I usually get a couple pages into the book and then he throws a different book at me. If he's crawling around and playing while I read, he does come over from time to time and listen attentively for at least a few seconds.

I anticipate that our bedtime routine will continue to change and evolve as the years go on. I sure hope it does! I'm looking forward to reading chapter books together, sharing my favorites with him, and discovering new stories together. Before long, I'm sure our bedtime story routine will include brothers and/or sisters. And I eagerly anticipate the day when Isaac will want to read me a bedtime story.

What's your current bedtime story routine? What works for you? What doesn't? Please share!

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