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Monday, July 27, 2009

Promote Literacy... Buy a T-shirt!!.

They're here!!

A while back I was reading a blog post about promoting literacy. There were ideas of how to this (promote literacy) being thrown around in the comments section. The idea of putting the message on a t-shirt was suggested and so... here you go!



What's so great about these shirts is that there is a three-fold benefit to purchasing one:

1. You get to wear it around, look super cool, and make everyone else jealous!
2. You're promoting literacy to everyone who sees you sporting this bad boy!
3. 100% of the profit from the sale of each t-shirt will be put into our (my husband's and mine) adoption fund. We're currently in the process of adopting two children from Ethiopia! You can read all about that by clicking here. And subscribe while you're there, so you get all our awesome updates! :)

These are standard t-shirts. They're not fitted or anything, so gals AND guys can wear 'em! Since it costs money to have these made (of course), I only have a limited number to sell in this first batch. More will be ordered when supplies start to get low. So get yours NOW, and spread the word!!

ATTENTION (10/110): We currently only have smalls and 2XLs.

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