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Monday, June 22, 2009


We read the funniest story the other week! No, it's not a big secret. This is the title of one of our recent Literacy Launchpad reads, Pssst! by Adam Rex. 

This story is Pixar-ish in that it is completely enjoyable by young-ins, but can also be throughly  entertaining for adults. When I bought this book, I actually bought a copy to use with my students, and a copy for my older sister, Rebecca! And she loves it!

Pssst! was part of our unit of summer adventures. Rex's story took us on a hilarious visit to a zoo full of talking animals that are full of character, and not at all shy about asking for some favors! Can you imagine... turkeys requesting corn to turn into clean burning fuel!?! 

Oh! This book is so full of awesomeness! The detail in the illustrations. All the hidden little funnies. I never get sick of this one. And it's SO much fun to read aloud. I found out after a recent phone call with my sister that we both have our own funny little ways we like to do each character voice. 

Literally all of my students had an opinion about whether or not they would help out the zoo animals and gather their various requested items. They're getting better and better about forming their own opinions and not just copying everyone else's answers, which makes for such wonderful discussions. Great connections were made between our story and our own lives. 

And check it out, we got to chat with the animals ourselves!! On our own zoo visit... In class!! We laughed a lot. 

We made a list so we wouldn't forget what each animal wanted...

Read this book before your next visit to the zoo!

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