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Monday, June 15, 2009

There's A Book For That

A Literacy Launchpad summer session! I can hardly belive it. This is seriously so much fun!

            We're going to be connecting literature with our own lives this month; reading books about some of the very things we love to do, and learning that the library is full of stories about people just like us!

Going to the beach? There’s a book for that.

Day trip to the zoo? There’s a book for that.

Wanna play outside? There’s a book for that.

Yup! There’s a book for just about everything!

            As adults we know that if we want to learn about a subject, we can almost always find a book about it at the library or the bookstore; most of us have read a story in which we can identify with the character(s) or events; and when adults read a story, we can make comparisons and connections between the book and our own life. These are not necessarily skills that young children possess yet, but it’s exciting for them when they discover and practice these skills! And that’s what we're doing this month!

            Summer is full of fun experiences, and the library is full of books about those experiences. During our first lesson in June we read To The Beach, by Linda Ashman. This is a story about a family that tries to take a trip to the beach, but can't seem to remember to pack everything. Just when it seems they have everything they need, the weather takes a turn for the worst. Will they get to have their beach day? Check this book out at your local library to find out!! Or purchase it in the Literacy Launchpad Store. 

After reading and discussing our story, we tried to venture to the beach ourselves... 

All packed up in the "car" and ready to go?? This activity was so much fun. I love that playing and imagining comes SO easily for children! Make believe is never a struggle for them!

We had some beach fun, of course! 

And we remembered to bring the dog along too!!

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