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Sunday, February 24, 2008


I have been trying to visit the Nashville Public Library's website for the past month, and it absolutely will not load!I have no idea why. It's not my internet. It's just that ONE site. I guess it's time for me to break down and call them... maybe they can tell me what the deal with their website is. Surely I'm not the only one having this problem??

And yes, I am still planning to have a field trip outing of some sort in March. No amazing ideas or opportunities have come to my attention, or come to mind... But we will do something. And we'll just have to make it amazing ourselves! Stay tuned.

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Jai said...

From the Nashville Public Library website:

Internet Explorer 6 & 7
1. Select Internet Options from the Tools
2. Select the Privacy tab and Advanced
3. Check box, Override automatic cookie handling
4. Check box, Always allow session cookies
5. Select Accept or Prompt for first-party cookies
6. Click OK

1. Select Options from the Tools menu
2. Select the Privacy
3. Expand the Cookies option
4. Select Allow sites to set cookies
5. Under Keep cookies, select Until they expire
6. Click OK

Internet Explorer 4.x and 5.x
1. Select Tools -> Internet Options from the menu bar
2. Select the Security tab
3. Highlight the Internet icon and click Custom Level...
4. Select Enable on all radio buttons under Cookies
5. Click OK

If you are using the Google Toolbar, Yahoo! Toolbar, Norton Internet Security, ZoneAlarm, or similar products that filter your web content, you may need to configure those products to allow session cookies. If you do not want to enable session cookies for all sites, you may explicitly add the library web servers to your list of trusted sites. Our web servers include:

* www.library.nashville.org
* waldo.library.nashville.org
* contentdm.library.nashville.org

ZoneAlarm Firewall Users

There is a conflict with ZoneAlarm firewall software and the current version of the catalog and account program. This conflict will interfere with patrons cancelling holds and renewing items within their account. If you use ZoneAlarm firewall software and are having difficulty accessing your acount information, please follow the directions below:

* Open ZoneAlarm/EZ Firewall
* Under Program Control, right click on IE or Firefox (choose the browser you use)
* elect "Options" from the mini menu that appears Uncheck the box for "Enable Privacy for this program"
* Click "OK"
* Under Privacy (if available)
* Go to Cache Cleaner tab
* Click on "Clean now"
* In your browser (Firefox or IE) clear your cache or Temporary Internet Files
* After all this is done, close your browser, reopen it and try to see if the site will work.