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Monday, April 15, 2013

How to Use Your Child's Interests to Make Reading Fun

Something magical happened with my son last week. I have been very frustrated and discouraged that for quite a while now, My Little Reader has not been the least bit interested in listening to Bible stories. He enjoys books, but when I pull out the Bible, he will literally stick his fingers in his ears. Sometimes I can get him interested in a Bible story presented in a picture book format. But there are only so many of those, and they often cover only the same few Bible stories. Even children's Bibles don't interest him.

My Little Reader loves Legos though. Can't get enough. We picked up a book from the Brick Bible series that told the Christmas story using Legos. My boys loved it. They were mesmerized.

Then I found more books in the Brick Bible series. We borrowed the New Testament Brick Bible from our local library. I started it with my little guy the first day we brought it home, and I think we read every story in it that same day. He couldn't get enough. And we have since reread the stories in it several times, per his request!

My Little Reader jumped up from reading this book with me and decided he wanted to make his own Garden of Eden with his Legos, just like in the Brick Bible. He got straight to work. And he kept on happily working on it for quite a while.

It was a joy to see him having so much fun with a Bible story.

I had found the right book!

Maybe your child doesn't dislike Bible stories; perhaps you're having a tough time getting them interested in books period.

It's amazing the kinds of book choices that are out there. There are books your child will enjoy! To find them, try starting out by thinking about things your child already loves. Interests they have, maybe even shows they watch (I was surprised to find graphic novel versions of some TV shows my daughter watches, and she gobbled those up). Then get on Amazon and search whatever that thing is in their book department. You'll be amazed!

Or ask your local children's librarian. Again, you'll be amazed!

Have you tapped into your child's or students' interests to get them excited about reading? Tell me about it in the comments!

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