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Friday, June 15, 2012

There's A Book for That!

During June we're talking about all the fun things we do during the summer and how we can read about all those fun things in a book. Going to the zoo? There's a book for that! Going swimming? There's a book for that! Going on a vacation? There's a book for that! It's great for these little guys to make these kind of meaningful connections between literature and real life.

This week we read a book about camping and then went camping right in our classroom!

We read this adorable book about some camping duckies that was enjoyed by my big(ger) and little students. We used our book as a guide for what we can and should do when we're camping: pitch a tent, go fishing, make a fire, bring a lantern.... (The kids also threw in some of their own ideas that they knew from experience... or came up with off the top of their heads.)

I was really excited about this lantern craft I came up with for the kids to make. They were so easy and fun, and the kids just thought they were the coolest! They're just Solo drinking cups, pipe cleaners, those faux candles form the Dollar Tree, and some stickers on the outside that the kids used to decorate and personalize them! (I recommend gluing the battery compartment on the candles closed with some strong hot glue or some super glue, for safety reasons.)

Next week we'll be going on a beachy reading trip and then brainstorming some more summer reading ideas for them to go check out at the library. 

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