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Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Library's Storytime Can Beat Up Your Library's Storytime!

Our local children's librarian has really devoted a lot attention to making her preschool storytime GREAT! Attendance seems to be increasing every week (from what I can tell). Lately, your lucky if you can find a spot to sit if you're even a little late.

I have visited my fair share of storytimes that were duds. So to have such an amazing children's librarian in our small town here is a blessing! She always chooses great themes and her after-story-projects are so much fun!

When it's time for craft My Little Reader and I go sprinting for a coveted spot at a table, and our lovely librarian is often scrambling to cut extra craft pieces out to meet the ever increasing demand. A great problem to have!

Today's storytime theme was alligators.

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