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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mommy Confession

My son will be turning two soon. With two new Watsons on the way, a week where I don't HAVE to be anywhere, and the prospect of no more diaper washing (we do cloth), I decided to go ahead and spend the week doing intensive potty training. It seems to be taking (knock on wood).

BUT being cooped up in the house all week with a toddler that I have to watch like a hawk (so he doesn't forget to go to the potty when he feels the urge) means I have let him watch A LOT of PBS Kids. It's been my only sanity saver. There's only so much playdough and puzzles Isaac can handle... or Mommy can handle for that reason. We've been reading books, but he hasn't been willing to sit for very long and listen this week. Plus, we've had some really close calls with some of our books nearly getting drenched when nature called. Yikes!

I'm already planning our outings for next week now that we're getting a handle on this potty thing. We'll be breaking free from the house, and from the TV!

A PBS gem I discovered this week though: The Electric Company. Had never watched it. Love it! It's not Isaac's favorite (kind of targeted at a little bit older kids), but he's warming up to it.

We're watching the above video right now. As I type this. :)

What's your Mommy/Daddy confession this week?

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