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Monday, February 8, 2010

Alphabet Awesomeness

That's right, February is alphabet month! We're going to fall in the love with letters for Valentine's Day!

We kicked off the alphabet awesomeness with The Z Was Zapped (Chris Van Allsburg). This book is magic. Read it to a group of preschoolers and you'll see. On the way to reading class some of them were anxious to get our stories over with so they could head out for some much overdue playground time (snow and cold have been trapping us all indoors). But once I read the last page of The Z Was Zapped, they had forgotten about going outside and were asking me to "read it again!" Magic!

One group of students decided the book was "scary" upon simply seeing the cover. As I turned each page, they were more and more convinced that this was indeed a spooky story. But they loved it! You should have heard all the "oohs" and "aahs."

And when we were done reading the book, we became the letters! We donned headbands with our letters on them, and did the same actions that the letters were doing in the book! Look!

Letter "A" in an avalanche.

Letter "M" melting.

Letter "Z" being Zapped.

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