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Monday, December 14, 2009

Backward Predicting

Last week (yes, you may have noticed I'm a week behind in posting about my lessons) we read If You Take A Mouse to the Movies (Laura Numeroff). Instead of having my students make their predictions at the beginning of the story, we saved it for the end. How can you predict after the story has already been read you wonder? Well, I kept the cover of the book concealed during our reading (had it wrapped up in craft paper - high school text book style!). So upon completing the story, the students were then assigned the task of creating an illustration that predicted what they thought the cover of the book would (or should) look like. They also got to predict the title.

There were some funny ones. Wish I had taken better photos. I know why I didn't though... Because I had CRAZY students in class last week! Yup, the Christmas crazies have possessed my students already. I'm bracing myself for more of it this week as well.

Here are the few photos I did take:

Oh, sure. They look like they're calm and working hard. But I assure you... CRAZY! :) Seriously, I was exhausted after class last week.

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