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Monday, September 21, 2009

My Little Reader Update

I haven't posted in a while on what my little guy, Isaac, is reading these days. To be honest, it's because I keep forgetting to take photos of him. But the other day he was being so adorable with his books, and the camera was handy so I was able to snap a few shots.

He's at kind of an awkward (or at least it feels awkward to me) stage when it comes to books and reading. He can't sit still!! I don't think he's sat and listened to an entire story in MONTHS! It's so frustrating, even though I know it's completely normal for his age (14 months).

I'm encouraged by the fact that he is still very much interested in books. He'll pick one up, carry it over to a chair (or couch) and then ask to be lifted up onto the chair (by patting on it) so he can flip through the pages of his book in comfort. :) That's what's going on in the photos above.

Sometimes he'll bring me the book and then back-up into my lap and sit with me while he flips through the pages. He's never still very long though, and so I usually end up reading the rest of the book to him while he walks around and plays.

I don't pressure him. I keep it all laid back and fun, and I think that has helped him continue enjoying books. He still has favorites that he asks for over and over again (Owl Babies has been a favorite for quite some time). It's interesting how his tastes subtly change and evolve though. He develops new favorites, and gets tired of some he used to want to read all the time. I love that! He's just like me!

I have a lot more I would love to tell you about my little reader, but I only have time for a brief post today. I'll try to take more photos of my guy, and tell you more about what he's been up to soon!

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