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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer is Here!

O.K. so maybe it's not "officially" summer, but with the 90 degree heat we've been having around here, it sure feels like summer already!!

Literacy Launchpad has wrapped up for the summer, but that doesn't mean the reading fun has to stop. There are summer reading programs going on all over the area (and all over the country)! Read what the Horn Book Magazine's editor has to say about summer reading programs:

I hope the demands of the ever more prevalent summer required-reading list don’t put a crimp on participation in the summer reading clubs and games sponsored by public libraries nationwide. These programs, generally free of charge and blissfully unstructured, offer a combination of recreation, socialization, and reading for pleasure that will do far more good for a child than anything he or she reads “because I have to.” For bookish kids, these clubs offer an easy and too-rare way to shine among their peers; and nonreaders who are in the game strictly for the prizes and refreshments will at least learn their way around a library. Many libraries offer variations on the club to allow participation online or on vacation. See what’s going on in your town.
-Roger Sutton (Editor in Chief, Horn Book Magazine)

Life has been very crazy this year, especially with a baby on the way in a few weeks here. But I'm doing my best to make semi-regular appearances on here. Thanks for checking in! Hopefully life will calm down before too long.

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