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Friday, March 23, 2012

Picture Book Roundup: What We've Been Reading

Love the illustrations with the white on black with large accents of color. My son and I enjoyed Fred's big glasses! It would be fun to stop short of the big reveal of what's under the bed and let your students or children make predictions of what it will be. You could make a list of predictions, or they could each draw a picture of what they think it will be, which would be really fun. Have them use adjectives like in the story to explain their drawings. Great vocal practice!

This was the perfect little math lesson for my little guy. His favorite was the end when Little 1 is joined by a red hoop and they make a 10. He was so proud of himself for knowing that!

This is a great invitation to talk about what your child might want to be someday. Charming illustrations.

Reading this one was such a hoot, because I didn't sit down and read it with my kids. I just sat outside flipping through it on my own while they played, and they all ended up flocked around me, begging to know what my book was about. Love. There of course has been much buzz about this book lately. Like everyone else, I loved it too. A uniquely sweet tale that leaves you with the warm fuzzies.

A different spin on this classic boyish theme. It takes talent to create a book with construction vehicles as the subject that is completely gentle and soothing. Of course, perfect for bedtime, or nap time (which is when we read it). I think I might fill our sensory bin up with some dirt or sand and let my son recreate this little story with his toy cars. He and I can take turns tucking all the trucks into "bed" for the night.

Awesome illustrations. My son and I talked about how different human babies are from animal babies, and how he would be too scared to ever wander off at night alone like that. It was fun to think of all the other differences we could come up with too.

So much dress up fun in one book! I'm sure if I had a girl she would be gaga for this book like me! My little boy liked it, but it isn't one of the books he asks for over and over. It would be fun to do some fun fashion designing crafts with a little girl after reading this one (like fashion plates that I played with when I was kid). I enjoyed looking and looking and looking at the dresses (and accessories) in this one!

My boys are not ones that typically go for wordless books, but they loved this one! Loved it! They asked for it several times, and they just kept talking and talking about it after we finished reading it. They wanted me to leave their light on so they could sit in bed and discuss what things they would draw with the magic chalk if they had some. Each time we read the book, we discussed a different element of it. Very good. Highly recommend it!

The retro feel of this is so much fun. As a parent, I appreciated the hilarity of the mama bear telling the baby bear what a "terrible pet" children make. There was much discussion from my boys over why the little boy talked in squeaks (which I also got a kick out of). Very cute!

My boys really loved this one! Two toys, a shark and a train, have a debate over who would "win" in various different situations. Great for predicting, great for making fun charts and lists, great for fun discussions. I love this one for a read aloud just with my kiddos, or with a big group of kids! Brilliant!

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